Les Brigandes

Marianne :


Born in Paris. Lead singer and spokesperson for the band, she conducts the chorus, plays the transverse flute, and accompanies herself on the ukelele. Mother of Dhina. Antoine, Maxime, and Marianne make up the trio of Radio Brigandes.

Chrystelle :


Originally from the Paris area. Graduate of the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Chrystelle is Les Brigandes’ visual artist.
She creates the settings for the videos and does the drawing for the animations. Composes music for children. Mother of Tsila.

Roxane :


Nicknamed “Chouchou,” she is the “benjamin” of her family. Her specialty is dance. She designs the group’s choreography and plays the Celtic harp.

Sara :


A pianist and drummer since childhood, but also a biker, devoted athlete, and remarkable pastry chef, Sara is Les Brigandes’ deep voice. Her accent comes from her native Catalonia. Mother of Eldar.

Irène :


Abandoning the tractor, this daughter of Limousin farmers committed herself to a career in the graphic arts.
Clarinetist and chorister, but also a dress designer, Irene makes up most of Les Brigandes’ costumes. Mother of Bjorn.

Jennyfer, Anne and Karine :

Jennyfer Anne Karine

From Lorraine, Bordeaux, and the Paris region, respectively, they are auxiliary Brigandes, taking part in the videos by turns.
Jennyfer is the mother of Kefren. Anne is the mother of Mani, Enwil, and Jason. Karine is the mother of Elyott.