Les Brigands behind les Brigandes

Maxime of Nantes:


Guitar soloist (a southpaw like Jimi Hendrix, whose records taught him the electric guitar), he arranges Les Brigandes’ songs.
He hosts the Radio Brigandes broadcasts with Antoine and Marianne. He has written an apocalyptic novel, Age of the Watchmen. Married to Marianne.

Antoine the Belgian:


A seeker since his youth in Namur, and the Jesuits’ worst nightmare, Antoine is the secretary of Les Brigandes.
He created Radio Brigandes, which he hosts with Marianne and Maxime. He is the band’s reporter for special assignments.
Engaged to the charming Roxane, who accompanies him under the bombardment of the Donbass.

Bruce of Toulon:


The band’s sound engineer. After a stint as a police officer, he entered service with Les Brigandes “to serve and protect.”
Bruce is the band’s trumpet player. He also does ironwork in order to secure our residences from the attacks to come.
Lives with the energetic Irene.

Etienne from the Loiret and elsewhere:


Trained as a stage actor. Director of Les Brigandes’ videos, with Florian’s help he is also the cameraman.
He shows up at concerts on rhythm guitar. Lives with Anne the Celt, who enriches France with lovely little blonds.

Florian of Toulouse (sorry – of Muret):


With Etienne, Florian produces the videos, creates the special effects, and supervises computer logistics.
Guitar and mandolin provide relief from the minutiae of technology. Married to ever-smiling and expressive Sara.

Ruedi aka “Ruby Tuesday”:


Born in Lausanne. Classical pianist, lawyer, and counselor to Les Brigandes. Engineer, plumber, and electrician for the artistic collective’s premises.
Married to the dynamic Chrystelle.

Angelo “the Wop from Lorraine”:


Double bassist, bassist, accordionist, pianist, guitarist, singer. Call him in and the recording is done in half an hour… because the garden won’t wait.
Specialist in the diatonic folk accordion, he likes singing to people shopping in the market. Lives with Jennyfer, who is considered the calmest Brigande in the village.

Jean-Marc of Panama, alias “Good guy”:


Les Brigandes’ drummer, he is the band’s metronome. Professionally, he designs historic monuments.
He handles communications with the local people and bottles up rumors and slanders spread by leftoid gossipmongers. Lives with Claire (captain of the volleyball team) and their two children.