Our initiative

We start from the observation that individualism is the worst ill that afflicts Westernized man. We note that today’s culture, thought, and technology reinforce this individualism to an ever increasing degree, in total contradiction to the spiritual and political principles we have defined.
We watch the mutation of man into a citizen of the world without cultural roots or a true religious spirit. This citizen is isolated in the mass of his fellows, with whom he shares only the pleasures, frustrations, and financial anxiety of the consumer.

Turning our backs on this culture of zombifying individualism, we have organized ourselves in a fraternal clan. We thus demonstrate our freedom to associate for the purpose of sharing a worthy human life. We no longer wait passively for an electoral victory that will in any case be incapable of changing society as profoundly as it needs to be changed. Witnessing the robotization of man into a consuming automaton, we see the clan as the only way to escape being crushed by the social machinery of industrial society.

Our clan is made up of about ten families working together to support themselves. By an intelligent division of resources, we manage to free up time and energy to live in accordance with our spiritual principles and values. That is the goal of true civilization, which aims to lift human intelligence higher than bestial fear for survival and robotic unconsciousness.

The clan is the level of social organization between the family and the nation. It is the soil in which the culture and identity we have lost will germinate. It is up to us to awaken the cultural forces now asleep in the West and everywhere else Americanization has struck. Today, to defend European culture and the true interests of France, we must band together to demonstrate, on a daily basis, the free, rich, brotherly life that was once the glory of our civilization.

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