Our collective produces artistic, cultural, and intellectual works to serve in the fight against globalism.

Our media activities concentrate on three poles:

– The women’s band “Les Brigandes,” founded during the summer of 2014, the name of which refers to the Vendéean “brigands” who revolted against the Jacobins’ Reign of Terror in 1793. This group produces music videos and CDs ( available at our online store ). On occasion Les Brigandes perform live.

– Our broadcasts on “Radio Brigandes” that explain what we’re up to or synthesize information on various subjects.

– Publishing pamphlets to develop what we consider to be important themes ( Visit our online store ).

Our group consists of men and women living in a fraternal community. Our director is Joël LaBruyère.
Ce site internet sert de plaquette de présentation, mais nous disposons aussi d’un blog comme moyen d’expression régulier: Le blog du Clan des Brigandes.